Raleigh Named in Top 10 Beer Cities!

Raleigh Named in Top 10 Beer Cities by business data and analytics provider Infogroup

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Where do beer or wine drinkers live, and what kind of lifestyles do they lead? In an ongoing series of consumer and business insights, Infogroup ranked top beer and wine cities in the U.S., utilizing Infogroup’s verified business database of more than 15 million records. The study analyzed U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs1) of more than 1 million in population based on their concentration of beer and wine businesses per 10,000 residents. Further, each metro area was classified as a beer or wine city based on which is more prevalent in that metro area. Finally, Infogroup compared consumer demographics and interests between beer and wine cities and the top 10 of both based on Infogroup’s consumer database of more than 150 million households.

The types of industries targeted as being closely related to beer businesses were:

breweries including craft and microbreweries
beer and ale – retail
— http://www.infogroup.com/cant-choose-between-beer-or-wine-in-portland-you-dont-have-to